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Attaching Brackets - 2 way’s, GPS and Screens

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Prices exclude GST


GPS Receiver Brackets


GPS Receiver Bracket


Suits: Tractors 7200R 7215R 7230R 7260R 7280R

8225R 8235R 8245R 8260R 8270R 8285R 8295R

9410R 9460R 9510R 9560R

Suits John Deere S660 S670 S680 S690 Headers


GPS Receiver Bracket Kit


Consists of AFG06 Bracket as above plus adaptors

Suits 00 10 20 and 30 Series 8000 and 9000 Tractors

and 4730 - 4940 SP John Deere Sprayers

Display Screen Brackets


Display Screen Bracket


Suits John Deere S660 S670 S680 S690 Headers

2 Way Radio Brackets


Simple to install, bolting to integrated factory cab mounting holes

• Farm inspired custom fit design integrates with cab design

• Mobile - easily moved from machine to machine

• Powder coated durable paint finish


2Way Radio Bracket


Suits John Deere 8100 to 8630 inclusive Tractors 9100

to 9630 inclusive Tractors 4730 to 4940inclusive

Tractors All with Commandview® Cab



ay Radio Bracket


Suits John Deere 7R 8R 9R tractors including track


Commandview II® Cab


2Way Radio Bracket


Suits John Deere S660 S670 S680 S690 Headers


Microphone Holder


Suits all tractor and header cabs


GPS Receiver Bracket


Converts original Greenstar Bracket to accept starfire

with deluxe shroud.

Suits 7000 to 7930 inclusive - John Deere tractors

windrowers and conditioners and headers 9650STS

to 9870STS inclusive Headers


Display Screen Bracket


Suits all John Deere tractors ending with 00 10 20 or

30 all 8000 and 9000 series tractors all 7R 8R and 9R

tractors and 4730 - 4940 John Deere sprayers

Suits John Deere Tractors and Headers