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Fully Machined

Concaves that make a real

difference to your threshing.

Most harvesters now use a Rotary or Axial Flow threshing

cylinder design. This has increased tonnes per hour

dramatically in recent years.

A properly tuned harvester will thresh and separate

to a high standard.

Because clearances of rotor bars from concaves are

commonly greater than more conventional concaves

they are often regarded as not so critical.

But clearances are critical whenever threshing gets

hard and concaves have to be closed up. So we strongly

recommend rotor bars are shimmed to a uniform

clearance off the concaves so you are ready for tough

threshing conditions.

Heavy Duty

Harvestaire concaves are heavier than originals.

This reduces stretch and bowing (or opening up)

of concaves which means some areas of the concaves

are further away from the rotor bars than others.

Axial Flow and Rotary Models