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Unload Auger Clutch System


Prices exclude GST

08 9344 7433

The system uses an electromagnetic clutch on the cross augers in the grain tank.

It is operated by a foot switch in the cab. The kit comes with a full wiring harness, clutches and sprockets.

Empty your Unloading Auger without

having to empty the Grain Tank.

John Deere


Unloading Auger Clutch System


High Unloading Rate (HUR) models

9660STS 9760STS 9860STS 9670STS

9770STS 9870STS S660 S670


Unloading Auger Clutch System


High Unloading Rate

S680 S690


LANUDCIH1000K Unloading Auger Clutch System


Suits 7010 7120 7130 7140 8010 8120 8230

8240 9120 9230 9240